Book: Dementia and I

Nice surprise at breakfast : The book “Dementie en ik” from the series Bolks’ Companions has been translated into the English language: “Dementia and I”. So funny to learn about this english translation via one of my former trainees ­čÖé┬á Apparently it has been on the market for a while. (Now I suddenly understand a few remarks made by colleagues during a course!) However, it still makes me feel grateful and proud to be one of the co-authors of this book, in which the integral approach of dementia is being emphasized.

Interested? A free PDF copy can be downloaded via Louis Bolk Instituut
Want to have a hard copy on your bookshelf? buy one via De Nieuwe Boekerij

An inspiring book for the reader who searches for more than one way of looking at dementia, with an approach to dementia from a developmental perspective. The special attention to spiritual issues at the end of life is meritorious. The book combines the practice of working with the demented individual with theoretical concepts. Tom van der Meulen, director Ideon,dementia professionals

A special book which describes that despite brain damage, development opportunities continue to exist in dementia. Mrs. S. de Ruiter, family member

This Companion contributes to an integral approach of dementia. It does not close its eyes to the horrors of the disease, but rather provides new perspectives to meet the process of withdrawing of the mind with courage and confidence. Wouter Endel MD, Amsterdam